✔ Green Chilies – Benefit of Green Chilies / Health Benefits of Green Chilies


Green chillies have a mild bitterness and intense heat that will turn your face red and make you cry. But this fiery spice has a myriad of health and medicinal benefits. The chilli is actually a fruit pod from the plant belonging to genus capsicum. Fresh green chilies are rich in vitamins C, about six times as much as in a single orange. Their color signals high amounts of the anti-oxidant beta-carotene. They also contain vitamins B and E, iron and potassium. Chilli has been a part of the human diet for a very long time. Christopher Columbus brought it back to Spain in the 15th century. Green chillies are available fresh, dried, ground, canned or pickled. There are many ways to enjoy the taste and health benefits of green chilies. It comes with a bunch of health benefits that seem too good to be true. Here are some healing benefits that this humble spice will give you.

1. The best benefit of green chillies is that they come with zero calories. It will help dieters achieve their goals much faster too. They also speed up your metabolism as much as 50% for up to three hours after you eat them.

2. Green chillies are loaded with anti-oxidants. They will protect your body against the free radicals that may cause cancer by working like natural scavengers. Green chillies will also keep prostate problems under control.

3. Green chillies also have a number of beneficial effects on your cardiovascular system. They reduce the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis by reducing blood cholesterol.

4. Capsaicin, which is found in green chillies, is hot to your taste. But it lowers your body temperature by stimulating the cooling center of the hypothalamus in the brain. In very hot places like India, green chillies are eaten for this cooling effect. Capsaicin also has a stimulating effect on the mucus membranes of your nose and sinuses. It stimulates blood flow through the membranes. This helps to fight the common cold.

5. The heat that is produced by the chillies will act as an effective pain reliever. It also works as a digestive and anti-ulcer aid.

6. Because they are loaded with Vitamin C and beta-carotene, green chillies are great for healthy eyes, skin and your immune system. Just store the green chillies in a dark cool area. Chillies will lose their Vitamin C when they are exposed to heat, light, and air.

7. When you eat green chillies, they will release endorphins that will boost your mood and reduce any pain that you may have.

8. Green chillies will balance your blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, this may be the answer to a healthy diet.

9. Green chillies are an excellent natural source of iron. This will help out those iron deficient people.

10. Green chillies have many anti-bacterial properties and will help you to treat different skin infections.

11. Green chillies are also very rich in Vitamin K. This will help decrease your risk of osteoporosis and of bleeding dangerously when you are cut or injured.

12. Releases Saliva
Green chillies trigger higher saliva production. This will help you with digestion of your food.

13. Improves Vision
Vitamin A is one of the major nutrients in green chillies. This will help to improve vision and lower the incidence of cataracts and age related macular degeneration.

Side Effects of Eating Green Chillies

1. Stomach Irritation
Some green chillies can burn the inside of your mouth. A glass of milk or yogurt will help keep the capsaicin away from nerve-receptor sites and ease the burning sensation.

2. Skin Irritation
Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after handling chilies. Capsaicin will stick to your fingers and could burn you very badly. Wash your hands many times after touching green chilies.

3. Toxic
If you eat too many green chillies, you will get a high concentration of capsaicin. This can block the production of certain neurotransmitters, preventing nerves from communicating with each other. Just remember to eat green chillies in moderation. Too much of even a good thing can be bad for you.

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