✔ How to Get Rid of Spiders and Mice Naturally and Keep Them Away for Good!

Do you have problems with rodents and insects in your home?

Your budget doesn’t allow expensive monthly exterminator bills?

I have good news for you.

You probably need to throw something away each week, which can help you to solve

the problem you have with unwanted pests, That you keep seeing.

It is a simple tea bag.

I will teach you how to get rid of mice and spiders, naturally and effectively without having

to spend lots of money on a professional exterminator.

A used bag of peppermint tea can give you the results you want in a week.


It is easy and cheap.

Just brew a cup of peppermint tea.

Next, take the used tea bags and distribute them in places where you know that the pests have visited.

It takes just a few days, then your home will be free of mice and spiders.

Don’t be shy with the tea bags!

For optimal results, put 4 bags in each corner.

You may not like the peppermint tea.

If not, can you try to add up to 15 drops of fragrant oil of peppermint to a spray bottle and spray

the areas where you have seen mice or spiders.

In this way, you will not only take care of the problem, but you can have a pleasant fragrance.


Some people prefer to use cinnamon oil or lemon oil.

They will do the trick too! Good Luck!

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