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What is an Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure is a small tear or crack in the lining of the anus. It usually causes sharp pain, bleeding, itching and even a burning sensation.

An anal fissure is usually a minor affliction that will usually go away in six weeks or less.

How to treat an anal fissure.
Most anal fissures dont need extensive treatment. Yet home remedies can help with healing and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms.

You can help treat an anal fissure at home by:
Using over the counter stool softeners.
Drinking more liquids.
Taking a fiber supplement and eating more fiber rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables.
Taking a warm sitz bath will help you relax and increase blood flow to the affected area.
You can apply a neosporin type cream.
You can also apply a topical pain reliever to help ease the discomfort.

If your symptoms are not gone or significantly improved in 2 weeks then make sure to see your Doctor for evaluation.

If your anal fissure does not respond to treatments your doctor might recommend an anal sphincterotomy. This might be considered in more extreme cases or when other treatments have failed.

How can you prevent anal fissures?
You can reduce your risk of anal fissures by doing the following.
Keeping the anal area dry.
Cleaning the anal area with a mild soap and warm water.
Drinking plenty of fluids and eating fiber rich foods.
Treat any diarrhea immediately.

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